James Meeker’s take on travel and photojournalism


Through the ages, the idea of travel has evolved drastically. Earlier, travel’s definition was restricted to one use, but today it has allowed people to perceive it as a profession and recreational activity. Documenting the alluring scenes that set your heart on the happiest journey, capturing the serenity of unknown monumental sights, and many more, are some primary features of travel. Similar to Mark Twain’s thinking, James believes, Travel is a way of understanding global affairs and untethering oneself from the shackles of bigotry, prejudice, and various other social stigmas.

James Meeker is a successful photojournalist and traveler, who has visited more than 43 countries to explore and experience the lifestyle of different nationalities. After having a sudden epiphany about life, he sold off all his materials and took off to Australia to commence his travel. Travel has always evoked pleasant feelings in him, which ultimately set a ladder for him to pursue traveling as a profession. Currently, he is residing in Australia, planning his next great escapade of understanding a different culture and country.

Our culture and ethnicity are a significant part of our identity. It traces out the diverse history we are part of, inculcates a sense of heroism and patriotism, familiarises us with the sacrifices and contributions our ancestors made, and many more. To recognize the same, James has made efforts in popularising countries, their traditions, and the heritage in the most respectful and raw form through photojournalism.

Meeting new people and traversing through the lesser-known places is a big part of being a traveler. James explains his fondness towards introducing himself to new people and learning their exciting life stories. Though a stranger is unreliable, they are great at storytelling and comprehensive explanation of their vivid history. He has learned and grown a lot since the very beginning of his travels. Pursuing a nomadic lifestyle to accommodate a world tour was uneasy at first, but as he experienced the quirkiness and the fun of traveling, it all became worth it.

James Meeker suggests travel enthusiasts begin their journey as soon as possible rather than waiting for the right moment. After collecting enough funds for your flight tickets and hotel, set out headfirst to travel and capture the eccentricity of this beautiful world.

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