Technological Developments Have Changed the Way We Think And Perceive Events, Says This Photojournalist


While we ponder upon the various factors that contributed towards the historical uprisings in numerous nationalities, we will recognize a significant flawin the documentation process that has hindered historians and enthusiasts from understanding the true nature of these events. Lack of technological advancements is one of the aspects which controlled the way media was pursued or the history was recorded.
Following the attributes that have shaped and modernized today’s media can lead you to unforgettable discoveries regarding palpable resource development. Though we haven’t registered any remarkable change in the industry, we can certainly not ignore the gradual growth which has transformed the way information is being consumed.

Recently, James Meeker, a famous photojournalist, and blogger shared a series of pictures and blogs on popular social media websites, highlighting his travel across the land of Kangaroos- Australia. The astonishing fact about these pictures is their authenticity and rawness, which ultimately depicts the exact aura of Australia. Photography is a complex art that portrays the delicate details of an event in its most accurate form.

Written versions of events mainly depict the direct figment of the writer’s imagination. At the same time, pictures allow the viewers to challenge innumerable connotations of the author and bring out a subjective opinion. James’ journey of discovering the magical lands and showcasing his endeavors to the ordinary people is essential in today’s world. The growing distance between people has restricted them from following a routine that is exhaustive and mundane. Exploring the diverse nationalities and gripping the facts in a most captivating way makes photojournalism far more helpful.

While traversing through 43 countries and compiling vivid experiences, James adopted a lifestyle that is termed unconventional and eccentric.
Pursuing a nomadic lifestyle in order to capture the serenity of our globe’s diverse environment is a difficult choice to make. James explained his views and struggles he encountered while embracing the same concept through his popular blog post. After selling off all his loved possessions, he commenced a new journey. He has believed in comprehending the vital facts about various lands and confronting new adventures. Experiencing different cultures and tracing their significance through architecture, people, and many other things have always presented a unique learning opportunity.

Photojournalism and traveling are the two most copious parts of James’ life. The epiphany of change brought him closer to today and developed an exuberant understanding and peace. Whether the fascinating boulevards of Paris or the fancy vineyards in Australia, James has lived and breathed through specific events to experience the time of his life.

As he explained in many of his posts, travel is not a mere exploration, but it sets you close to the cultures and ethnicities. Through his art, he wants to popularise cultural variation prevalent worldwide and learn the enthralling history of places.

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