Whether for fun or health, traveling is beneficial for all, explains James Meeker


Recently the Instagram account @globallyjames shared some exciting images from his trip to Australia. While we virtually visit these places, while looking at the mundane window scene, and dripping water from our mouths while watching the exquisite food on his stories, let’s discuss some reasons that may excite us all to travel abroad. There are 100s of benefits of traveling. If you want to incentivize yourself to buy flight tickets, pack luggage, and travel abroad then consider this list curated by James himself.

James Meeker is a travel influencer and a photojournalist. After traveling to 43 different countries, he is currently staying in Australia to scheme his next endeavors. An avid travel and history buff, James loves to travel and learn about the country and its culture. He believes traveling is a way to bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged sections of society. Comprehending their living situations and learning about their culture can help you understand them better and work towards the betterment

Apart from that, traveling can be fun and exciting as well. Having been to numerous adventurous places and met several kind strangers, James adores the idea of traveling. Here are some benefits he has listed down that can implore you to leave home and travel.

Traveling improves health
When you travel to a place that is amidst nature, you feel a sudden refreshing vibe tingling beneath your skin. Traveling helps you to reduce stress and makes you happier. Our brain registers any activity that gives us pleasure, upon receiving the same, it releases certain enzymes which help us to become happier and prettier.

2. Cultural awareness

When you travel to a different land or country you become aware of their rich cultural heritage. Culture is a strong force that binds us all together. Learning about new cultures helps you understand people and relate to them.

3. Creating memories

Traveling can help you to create tons of happy moments which eventually will be logged as nostalgic memories in your brain. We tend to associate ourselves with the place and memories serve as the best tool to do so.

4. Improves your social life

If you are wondering why you don’t have any friends in your locality, then why not go and try to make some friends from a different nationality. Traveling helps you to improve your social outreach and interact with potential friends. It’s a great way to enhance your social circle.

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