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Travel is one of the best recreational activities to do. Sadly, the past two years changed the course of our lives completely and left us confined to our houses. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic restricted our movements and changed the way we travel. As we advance towards a better tomorrow, let’s not forget to enjoy ourselves and find ways to adapt to today’s situation.

For now, we can live vicariously through James Meeker’s photos. James is a renowned traveler and photojournalist who recently shared pictures of his travels across Australia through Instagram. He has visited over 43 countries with the goal of understanding and documenting the different cultures across the globe. From the Japanese shrines to the UK’s eccentric boulevards, he has been exploring the uniqueness of every nation he’s been to.

His current travel to Australia was inclusive of all the major travel destinations, along with the lesser-known sites and privately owned properties. Here is a glimpse at the places he has visited and features that best reflect their aesthetic.


Cairns is a small tropical town in the North of Queensland. It houses two of the world’s greatest natural attractions, which are the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforest.

There are so many experiences around including having an overnight stay at either Fitzroy Island or Green Island, seeing the Barron Falls and visiting Kuranda by historic train. Thrill seekers can also scuba dive, snorkel or view one of the most beautiful areas of the Great Barrier Reef from a glass-bottom boat.

There are so many things to do to get the full experience of nature in Cairns. The locals are lovely welcoming people and the city has great dining and socializing locations such as Salt House, Hemingways Brewery and not to miss, The Conservatory where you can ask for Ross and have probably the best Old Fashioned in all of Australia.


Adelaide is a slice of heaven found in South Australia. Not like the big and busy cities of Sydney and Melbourne, but it has its own unique charm and sophistication about it that makes it worth the visit.

A laid back and breathable city, Adelaide is filled with historically rich architectural gems like the Adelaide Arcade, dotted with intriguing and bespoke artisan shops and the Beehive Corner, built in 1895 and home of Haigh’s Chocolates. Lovely areas to visit include West Beach and it’s Surf Life Saving Club where you should ask for the 101 Crew, see the trendy Glenelg for shops and take a walk on the jetty, Henley Beach for sunset views and good restaurants.

You’ll be surprised to know how cool this charming city is after your visit. A personal favorite is the South Terrace Glover Playground where you can try a wacky whirly apparatus that seems to have been made for an adult to have as much fun as a child. Keep this in mind during your next trip to Australia and experience a fresh alternative to the hustle and bustle of its usual counterparts.

These two contrasting places portray Australian culture in the most authentic way. To explore and browse more exciting places, visit James Meeker’s Instagram profile @globallyjames for travel inspiration and information!

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