Traveling has become one of the factors that inspire cultural integration. Men and women around the globe have been making continuous efforts to popularise their culture through pop art, mainstream music, movies, photography, and many more. We have frequently seen that the wide spectrum of art has embraced cultural representation in the most beautiful way.
A pivotal part of such art is Photography, which shows the rawest expressions of an event. The art is free from the artist’s manipulation and hence it’s up to the viewer to form subjective opinions. Most of the time, the cultural stereotypes presented in Hollywood can be false and restrictive. With the help of photography, viewers can better understand the true nature of certain events or places. A great depiction of this is renowned photographer James Meeker who assures that cultures are appropriately represented through his photos.

James Meeker is a traveler and photojournalist from Texas. After an epiphany, he decided to change the trajectory of his life by following a traveler’s life. Today he has visited more than 43 countries and is planning his next destination. Prior to this, he abandoned his possessions and dedicated himself to following a nomadic lifestyle. Currently, he is exploring across the lands of Australia.

Through his journey, James encountered people with life-altering tales. He’s seen so many cultures with different valuable traditions, and places with strong historic lineage. The most interesting part about each trip was the sheer feeling of discovering something new and unique all the time. Identifying cultures and nations through their eccentric elements helped him understand diversity in a more impactful way.

James explains that travel is a valuable life tool that can help eliminate bigotry, prejudice, and many other social stigmas. To contribute towards the same, he encourages people to travel frequently and explore the diversity of this world. Cultural integration is more than diplomatic relations, as it sets towards the path of humanity.

If you’re looking to plan that next trip soon, check out James’ Instagram for travel inspiration. His feed features all the amazing places, culture and food he’s experienced across the world. Follow him on Instagram @globallyjames to find more of his daily adventures and travels.

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