Delegation, workforce diversity, valuing staff — Mark Lachance’s ‘lucky formula’ for success


“You don’t need to do everything yourself,” says successful entrepreneur, Mark Lachance. As a CEO and investor of many different companies, he knows a thing or two about getting things done. He’s also a thought leader in marketing, author, and entrepreneur. So it should come as no surprise that when asked what the most important lesson is for entrepreneurs today, he started with delegation — something many people struggle with, but which can make all the difference in business success.

Delegation is important. This is what entrepreneurs should focus on if they want their businesses to thrive. It’s easy to think that you’re the only person who can do a job because it’s your company, or you want to make sure everything gets done. But this isn’t true in entrepreneurship! Use other people’s talents wisely by learning how they work better than yours, so that both parties benefit from it. As a result, your team will have increased productivity, reduced stress levels and better relationships in the workplace.
Entrepreneurship, like most things in life, is not as easy or straightforward. When asked about what he believed separated a successful company from an average one Lachance said, “The difference between good business and great ones starts with people.”

He went on to explain that without exceptional individuals working for your organisation, there can be no valuable product or service. Hence his mention of putting effort into building up workforce diversity by using training programs when available, rather than just relying solely on hiring more staff members who may turn out poorly because they’re not trained properly. He also talked about ensuring each employee feels valued so you’ll have employees who will fight for you no matter what.

Lachance’s story is one of many that show the struggles and triumphs of entrepreneurship, including a betrayal from someone who he had thought could be trusted. He hasn’t let any of these setbacks get him down for long though, because every obstacle has given Lachance new knowledge and skills, which have made him stronger than ever before.
Entrepreneurship is a tough journey, one that does not come with any guarantees. There are no limits to learning and self-betterment, but you should never give up when the going gets tough. Learning is a lifelong journey; don’t throw in the towel when things get tough because your next opportunity might just be around the corner — you’ll thank yourself later for sticking through those difficult times.

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