James Meeker Shares Some Exciting Hacks To Try Out in Your Next Travel


As we are transitioning to a normal life, we are reapproaching the things which we were unable to complete in the year 2020. Why not start with the missed out vacations? Traveling is one of the most popular recreational activities that are fun for all. Whether you decide to travel domestically or internationally, having your family alongside you makes every place desirable.
James Meeker, a photojournalist, and traveler is currently traversing across the land of kangaroos. After visiting over 43 countries, the global pandemic snatched away the possibility of traveling. Since the beginning of his journey, he has followed the nomadic lifestyle which allows him to explore places, while residing locally.
Here, James contemplates his next adventurous endeavor, let’s dive into some valuable hacks to remember while traveling.
1. Avoid traveling solo

Even though it might look enticing, traveling alone can be dangerous in an unknown land. Having someone who has your back ensures that you are safe and confident. In some situations, you might get uncomfortable while interacting with locals or you may forget some documents or money. Traveling solo can be fun but can also make you most vulnerable.

2. Plan the beginning and end of your travel

This may seem a little too much but having a layout of your trip is much better than being lost most of the time. Take some time out before leaving and decide everything beforehand to avoid any sort of mishaps.

3. Look for unusual

Many times we follow the crowd instead of visiting the lesser-known or unusual places. It may seem as overpowering but following something eccentric can lead you to amazing surprises.

4. Get coaching on using your phone

We all belong to a generation where we are selfie experts but determining the perfect angle, deciding the correct life effect can be taxing. To avoid any accidents while shooting pictures, make sure you know your phone. Use advanced cameras or camera apps to get Instagram-perfect pictures.
5. Do things you normally wouldn’t do

Being said this doesn’t mean you can do something which is socially and culturally inappropriate. Stick to the social norms but have fun while doing something unconventional. For instance, ride a horse, try cliff jumping, and many other adventurous things.

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