Life on Wheels with James Meeker


Meeker has visited 43 countries and looks forward to something interesting in the upcoming twelve months
A story of a traveler whose passion for wandering led him to sell his own house and explore the world in a motorhome. He strongly believes in Mark Twain’s famous quote on traveling, which says, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and any of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth all one’s lifetime.”

James Meeker is a full-time traveler who goes around the world on wheels. After a life-changing event in 2018, Meeker sold his house and began his journey. He is currently documenting his photo-journaling journey on social media to inspire the younger generation. His love for meeting new people and exploring new countries has instigated him to visit different places. According to Meeker, his commitment to his dream was powerful enough to sell the house and truck he owned. This life-changing decision has been going great, and Meeker desires to leave footprints worldwide.
In his early days, Meeker has worked at Lanier, Dell, and MsExcel as a former tech executive. Along with this, he is the 5th generation Texan from Fort Worth and is proud of it. Meeker has also volunteered for numerous charitable associations, including the youth group at church. He has also offered service at GoMad Ministries that fight human exploitation and Barnabas School of Leadership for training pastors. Sometimes, he works remotely with the car part he invented and secured.

Meeker has visited 43 countries and looks forward to something interesting in the upcoming twelve months. He has been documenting his globetrotting journey since his first trip. Meeker has been very engaged on Instagram and keeps the audience updated with his travel diaries. In addition, he posts his photos and experiences about the trips on GloballyJames. Along with this, he guides people through blogs and shares tips for a happy travel experience.
Meeker’s life on wheels is not easy, but his passion for traveling makes it a beautiful journey. Meeting new people, experiencing a new culture, and exploring different places has always fascinated Meeker, and he looks forward to traveling the whole world in the coming years. Meeker teaches that one should always follow their passion and not give up on dreams and goals. Indeed an inspiration to all the people.

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