James Meeker aims to promote Australian culture through his photos


Australia is globally recognized for its pristine beaches and vast deserts. It’s also famous for its highly urbanized cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Aside from these attractions, there are still so many hidden gems yet to be visited from the world’s sixth largest country.

One of them being the Bay of Fires in Tasmania. It prides itself for its crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and orange lichen-covered boulders that resemble fire. Aside from this reserve’s no-filter beauty, it is also rich in culture and history. Truly something that you need to experience in person!

James Meeker, a travel enthusiast and photojournalist recently shared some exciting images on his Instagram, highlighting all the amazing views in Australia like the Bay of Fires and Port Arthur. We are definitely getting Instagram feed envy! What makes him stand out is that he showcases the lesser-known attractions in the country. Rather than sharing the usual tourist spots, James decided to explore Australia to understand the culture better and meet interesting people.

Initially, James was living a mundane life, and suddenly got an epiphany to change the trajectory of his future. He quickly abandoned that life and went headfirst in pursuing travel. He has traveled around 43 countries and is currently residing in Australia while planning his next trip. In the pursuit of such a journey, he left the conventional paths of living and followed the nomadic lifestyle to better suit his travels and passion.

James has created a series of Instagram posts depicting the culture of Australia. From the Bay of Fires to vineyards, from Cairns to historical monuments, Australia has allowed him to explore beyond just buildings. The best part of his travels is the range of people he has come across with. People from all ethnicities have shared their life stories and bestowed life lessons he will forever cherish. All these things have ultimately helped him draw closer to the best version of himself.

Conventionally, travel is defined as ‘visiting places for recreational and professional purposes’, but James does not confine himself to this definition. Like Mark Twain’s idea of travel, he believes that it can be a way to challenge social stigmas. Traveling has the power to bring people together and break down cultural barriers– it makes us better human beings.

If you’re looking to plan that next trip soon, check out James’ Instagram for travel inspiration. His feed features all the amazing places, culture and food he’s experienced across the world. Follow him on Instagram @globallyjames to find more of his daily adventures and travels.

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