James Meeker, a travel enthusiast shares the health benefits of traveling

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The past 2 years have been excruciating for all. The novel virus outbreak created a situation of distress among all the masses and made it impossible for us to carry on with our usual life. Travel bans and restrictions exacerbated the ongoing circumstances, but as we transition to a better tomorrow, don’t forget to make plans while taking all the precautionary measures.

James Meeker, a popular traveler, and photographer is currently traveling across Australia. He has traveled to 43 countries in the past, which are well documented through his Instagram account. Initially, when he decided to travel the world, he made some questionable decisions. One of them was related to following a nomadic lifestyle that significantly altered his life. But as he became accustomed to it, he realized the fun of living in a motorhome, staying in a new place for a month, being surrounded by total strangers, and many more.

James works hard to enlighten his audience regarding the various benefits of traveling. We have picked and highlighted the top 3 benefits of traveling from James’s Instagram profile that may entice you to travel more.

1.Traveling bursts stress bubbles

According to the study, spending a few days away from your homeland, without having the constant work worries, and life problems releases tons of dopamine to keep your anxiety level low. You feel refreshed and stress-free as these bodily enzymes are crucial for humans to experience pleasure, happiness, and other positive feelings.

But to retain the same energy, avoid missing connecting flights, or replacing your baggage

2. Traveling can enhance your creativity

As an artist, one can truly understand that creativity is not merely based on the human mind, but what surrounds the human itself. Anything and everything that encompasses you can turn your creativity’s libido high, giving you the most interesting ideas of all time, and allowing you to explore beyond your normal zones.

3.Travelling improves the overall health

The benefits are inclusive of all body parts, be it your mind or your heart. It’s scientifically proven that women who travel have low chances of getting heart attacks. The same goes with men, as traveling can reduce the 30% possibility of greater heart diseases in them. It also gives you fulfilling energy and helps you combat the repercussions of aging.

If you’re looking to plan that next trip soon, check out James’ Instagram for travel inspiration. His feed features all the amazing places, culture and food he’s experienced across the world. Follow him on Instagram @globallyjames to find more of his daily adventures and travels.

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