James Meeker Expeditions: More than Just Exploring


Traveling is not just moving from one place to another. It is about passion, commitment, experiences, and adventures. Then, with love for traveling so strong, people settle off in a far land, away from family. James Meeker deepens the meaning of traveling through his Compelling thoughts like these. James Meeker is a traveler native to Texas. He travels and documents his expedition on social media. He builds a photo journal of all his excursions on

Instagram @globallyjames
He embarked on his traveling course in 1989 to the EU. He expresses his gratitude for his art history university professor- Gail Gear, who was part of his first EU tour in 1989. He utterly committed himself to his passion for traveling in 2018. He gave in to full-time traveling due to his immense desire to keep moving and experience thrilling adventures. He sold off everything and left for his journey with two bags.

He relishes meeting people from all around the world to experience diverse cultures and sharing kindness with people along the path. He believes a personal story by a local makes the journey much more fascinating and intensifies the traveling experience. Another essential feature of a city is its food. He finds the famous food of that city and ensures to try it. He shares his experiences by capturing beautiful visuals, which are appealing and heighten the beauty of the particular place. His socials speak out about his interests in architecture, landscapes, people, animals, and humor. Specifically, he loves dogs and looks out for people with a dog along the journey. He meets new people around and quickly befriends them.

However, Traveling around the year stirs a longing for family. Still, his favorite traveling quotation by Mark Twain reflects the importance of exploring the world never letting him give up. The quote puts light upon the presence of conventionality and biases due to lack of travel and exploring. Additionally, It asserts that a person can not grow by being in a small corner of the world.

James Meeker focuses on planning out your travel. He puts forward a small plan of action for other travel enthusiasts. First, picking destinations and identifying the aptest time for the visit. Second, Save the money required and consequently arrange for a hotel and transport facilities. However, Due to the worldwide lockdown, he has set his hand in Australia for the meanwhile. You can feel the essence of his travel experiences on his social media handles with sincere, candid shots. Additionally, he has a blog and gallery website

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