World Traveler James Meeker on Planning Your Trips

What surprised you most about adopting this lifestyle?

I’m amazed at how kind people are. Most of the people I meet are excited to meet a Texan abroad, especially when they hear my accent. I’ve really enjoyed getting to hear people’s stories and share mine.

What drives you to keep doing this every day?

I love having the opportunity to travel, and I don’t see myself wanting to give that up anytime soon. Plus, it was a huge commitment to start this journey. I don’t have a home in Texas to go back to. So until I get sick of travelling, I’ll keep going.

What would be your advice for someone else who wants to do what you’re doing?

See if you have a passion for it. Make a plan, then make a commitment. Once you decide on where you want to go, figure out the best season to be there and how long you want to stay. Give yourself at least a year to set aside money — and as soon as you have the funds for the plane ticket, buy it. Same with the hotel. If you keep that money until the last minute, you’ll spend it on something else because the temptation is just too great. It’s also easier to back out if you haven’t already put up the money. Paying off everything in advance also means you can relax on the trip without worrying about budgeting. All you have to plan for is food and any activities you want to do.

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